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Welcome and visit my shop! But before your visit I have to present myself.

visit my shop

I am Clop, the cutest horse in the world, an Italian thoroughbred born from the imagination of my Italian authors, and the nitrite I hear, the name that Clop really likes.
I was born in Cavallolandia, the city where I live and work, and you must know that I am the best detective on all Horses Island, the island in the shape of a horseshoe in the Ocean of the Seahorses.


Horses Island

Now that you know me, how about visiting my shop?

Are you looking for a Christmas present for those who love horses?

Visit my shop because you’re in the right place.

Here you will find decorations for your Christmas tree but also clothes, jewelry, bags and accessories for the home.
All, of course, with my brand, the brand of Clop, the cutest horse in the world.
Visit my shop: have you seen how many collections?
Look at them all because you will find all the products I have chosen for you and buy the ones you like best and thank you, from your friend Clop.

Visit my shop: Click (or tap) on the images and enjoy your visit.

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Now what do you want to do? Do you want to know me better? Wow! You make me cringe with joy! Visit this page and you’ll know everything about me!
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A long but very long thank-you nitrite from your friend Clop and, if you want, write me at:
I always reply. See you soon and, of course, good purchases from your friend Clop.

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