Welcome by Clop!

Welcome by Clop

 Welcome by Clop!

Welcome by Clop! I am Clop, Clop Cavallino, a nice horse, a thoroughbred Italian horse born from the imagination of my Italian authors, and from the nitrites I hear, the name Clop likes very much.

Welcome by Clop! Here I’ll talk to you what’s happening to me, Clop, and to Cavallolandia, the city where I was born, live and work because you need to know I’m the best detective in Cavallolandia, the city on island horseshoe called Horses Island, overlooking the Gulf of Mane in the Wind in the Ocean of the Seahorse.

Welcome by Clop

Welcome by Clop to Cavallolandia. This is Cavallolandia. Do you like?

Start with presenting myself.

Do you want to know me? Really?

Wow! You make me happy with joy. Thank you!

Then I introduce myself and another Welcome by Clop!

Welcome by Clop

Here I am!

This is me! Do I like you? I’re beautiful, right?

I like Clop’s name very much. And do you like my name? Clop Cavallino seems to me very nice for a cute horse like me. And then Clop remembers the step of us horses, right? (Clop, clop, clop, clop …).

I was born on March 6 a few years ago at Cavallolandia, where I galloped for the first years of my life and when I was still a foal, my dad told me, “Clop to have success in life you have to study.”

Sure! My father had all the reasons and so I went to the Horse-Rvard University to graduate me in horse – detective (how many hours I studied! But it was worth it!)

Welcome by Clop to Horses Island. This is Horses Island. Do you like?

I also have my Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram.

The friendship

Friendship for me, Clop, is very important and beautiful and comes before so many other things.

For me to have a friend is something extraordinary and rare, very rare and when I find a true friend I am very happy all day long (and a little even in the evening, but underlined, so as not to disturb).

Friends is very important to me and for them I would do anything, because I’m sure they would do the same for me as well.

To be friends, for me, for Clop, means to be honest, correct, honest and never betray, never and ever, for no reason.

My friend Great Horse Sporthiv (What muscles!)

My character

I’m always optimistic, cheerful, carefree, maybe a bit muddler (a little bit?) But always honest, ever vulgar, never against law or violent.

Addressing the dangers has never been my strength but I know this is the best way to defeat them and I also know that those who are not afraid of anything, those who are always at the limit will not live long… and I have a deep respect for everyone.

My day

Welcome by Clop

In the morning, just waking up, immediately a nice shower!

I leave my house, and before I go to the office where my secretary is waiting for me, I stand in the bar of my friends Fodder and Hay for a fresh and corroborating carrot juice that gives me so much energy to gallop all day.

Welcome by Clop

She is my secretary. It’s very pretty, isn’t it?

As soon as I arrive at the office I focus on my investigator job because I always have so many assignments and often I have to travel a lot, galloping far to solve often complicated cases.

Sometimes strange adventures happen to me like this…

Or when I take the elevator it happens…

Another Welcome by Clop and thanks for the time you’ve been devoting me reading this page, soon and a loooooooong, nitrite from your friend Clop.

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